even dust becomes a sparkle - 2023

20 beeswax candles, orbiting an emptiness. The rhythm slowly coming down. Glowing, glinting with golden tears. We pause among the flickers.

Installed at FIELD and displayed as a part of InLight 2023, organized by 1708 Gallery.
see in detail here
Set of 25 intention candles for Christina Sadovnikov's show "Memory Palace for мати" at Material Room in Richmond. Burned by visitors on opening night, placed atop ceramic plates made by Christina. Summer 2023.
Reflection Point - 2023, edition of 20
Available in-store at FIELD in Richmond.
Lanterns, for Cindy Lee - 2023
Stage objects for performance at the warehouse, Richmond VA
Stream of Sureness - 2022
64 beeswax candles distributed in a grid to create an evenly dense field of flames.
Shown as a part of  "I am trying to dream" at the Material Room in Richmond. Organized by Willy Anderson with Taylor Tobin, Claire Busby, Ash Galka, and Virginia Aveline.
Club Sentimientos Vol 2
DJ Python
- 2022

50 teal and natural beeswax candles, spiral with one long appendage. Created for a limited edition vinyl bundle, on Incienso records.

To light a candle, spray your wrist or put on a record. Same thing yo (~;
- brian

photographs by Ren Schwarz
Set design for performance by Angels Cant See at The Camel - 2022
Hidden Knowledge, in deep burgundy and dark olive, edition of 10 each for Eden Airlines Gallery art market - 2022 & 2021
One Hundred Green Candles - 2022
Burgundy Study - 2021
meditation, for jake - 2021
cocktail party, for liza and piper - 2021
Centerpieces for The Meal by Liza Pittard - 2020
Dinner theater happening with companion zine
Selected Work - Summer 2020 through Summer 2021
In the Calendar series, each recording was released with a set of candles, once a month. Here is work from that series, in addition to commissions and objects made for friends.
Edition for 8Fields Market in Philadelphia - 2021
Candle to Catch a Fallen Egg & Candle Fruit
Abor Fete - 2020, organized by Maeve Corcoran

top right image (second on mobile) by Christian Michael Fildardo