A set of scented tealights and intention candles housed in a custom box. Ten hand dipped beeswax candles paired with four perfumed tealights, poured in studio. The set includes a poem by Kodi Frabricant, letterpress printed on mulberry paper by Morgan Whitehead, and a matchbox handprinted with artwork by Julia Sachs. A small candle holder and heat resistant felt pad complete the set. To complement the sensorial experience, outsidenightair has created a beautiful companion mix, which can be listened to here.

Mint leaf, soil, vetiver, frozen stem, cashmeran, ambrette seed, smooth wood

60 usd
Edition of 100
Design and production by Matthew Dowdy and Liza Pittard

Free shipping within Richmond

Safety instructions:
Trim intention candle wick and avoid drafty spaces for longest burn time. Place tealight on felt pad before burning, metal container will become very hot, caution.

Special thanks to our friends who helped, inspired, and dreamed with us over the past year . . . Kodi Fabricant, Julia Sachs, Morgan Whitehead, Allison Dulin, Piper Lynch, Connor Barrett, Ren Schwarz, Bridget Hamel, Meesh Kislyakov, Rahul Majumdar, Amanda Lim Patton . . .
photography by Connor Barrett